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Most of our asset-based loans and invoice/AR financing clients are from the small business community, a dynamic and ever-evolving community. So, to help our clients stay ahead of the game, we bring together everything from best-practice advice for small business management to market trends and perspectives on new opportunities from experts.

Small Business Tips

What is an equipment sale-leaseback?

Many small businesses in need of capital are utilizing equipment sale-leasebacks to unlock the equity on free and clear equipment.

Small Business Tips

SBA loans do you really understand-Part I?

Outside of the acronym, do you really understand what SBA loans are about? Many businesses may know the name Small Business Administration-SBA- but...

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Buying and maintaining equipment is expensive. As soon as you invest in a piece of machinery, it's only a matter of time before a new version comes...

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American Credit Equipment Financing Customer Vioce Quote

Banks don’t understand how fleeting opportunities are. With a loan right now, we could upgrade our equipment and easily handle all the new business.

Drew Arcelay
President, South Field Construction Company

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